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I photograph & design things.


I was born in Georgia, grew up in South Carolina, and currently live and work in Charleston. I received a BS in Civil & Environmental Engineering from the University of South Carolina in 2006. 

I am a self-taught photographer specializing in documentary, urban streetscape, and rural landscape photography. Much of my work focuses on capturing a particular moment in time and the unseen or underappreciated details that surround us. As a civil engineer, I'm involved with the design and management of natural and built environments. I'm particularly interested in stormwater management, green infrastructure, and sustainability. This has a profound influence over much of my photography, as I seek to further explore and understand the impacts of our interactions with the world around us.

I'm also interested in urbanism, good music, and craft beer.

Photo courtesy of Good Graces Photography 

Photo courtesy of Good Graces Photography 



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