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Retrospective 2013

Industrial Drive, Upper Peninsula, Charleston, November

I'm not sure what to make of my photography in 2013. I launched an official portfolio site in January, started a new "day job", culled my first two projects (Inhabitance and Loving Hospitality), moved, and had my first exhibit at Enough Pie's Awakening. I traveled to Chicago, Atlanta, Savannah, Durham, Chapel Hill, Columbia, Edisto, Oak Island, and Wilmington. I began posting links to content that I find inspiring and through provoking on my blog via Sunday Links, and recently it has been migrated to a new platform. Mobile photography and publishing content to Instagram has continued to be a big part of my work. I also love the new VSCO Cam app and looking at the inspiring contented curated at the VSCO Grid.

In July, when I reflected on my work over the first half of the year, I had a pretty good feeling about what I had created. I had just finished the Awakening Exhibit, and I was really feeling inspired about my growth and direction. Now, as I review my work over 2013, I didn't accomplish nearly as much as I had intended. There are projects and ideas I've very excited to pursue, but they are not advancing as I would like. That's not to say I'm not happy with many of the images I created. The work included in the post are some of my favorite photographs of the year.

Overall I took 18,770 photos (not including mobile photography), and edited 1,577 of those images. Which highlights one of my main goals going forward; shoot with purpose. Digital photography and cheap storage have made it effortless to take massive quantities of photos, but I'm finding mass quantity definitely effects quality. Here's to a more focused 2014. Happy New Year, and thanks for following along!

Upper Peninsula Sunset, Charleston, October

On the Loop, Chicago, November

King Street Reflection, Charleston, September

Rose Lane Streetscape, Charleston, January 

Parkers Ferry Centerline, Charleston County, March

Untitled, Charleston, October

Charleston Window, May

Loving Hospitality, Holly Hill, January

Cold Morning, December

Schools Out, Orangeburg County, May

Washed Up, Upper Peninsula, Charleston, April

Early Morning Atlantic, Oak Island, July

Humid Morning, Edisto Island, August

Antique Facade 1, Charleston, May

Antique Facade 2, Charleston, November

Forgotten Gulf, Orangeburg County, March

Forgotten on Romney, Upper Peninsula, Charleston, April

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