A visual journal of things I've seen and places I've been.


Reviewing 2015

"A photograph is literally a record of time and light. Besides visual data, there is implied information: who we are, where we are from, and what we think. All of this is encrypted in our visual language."        -Aint-Bad Magazine

I never set out to document my own life with photography. I guess I've always tried to capture the places and the things around me - but never me. However, over the years, I've found that my sequential catalog of photographs acts as a complementary journal of my life. I can look at images and remember the feelings and experiences of my life around the time they were taken. Often these feelings and experiences have nothing to do with the subject of the photograph. I've found a very personal relationship with my photos - one that only I can experience. I think this relationship is one of the reasons why I enjoy taking time at the end of each year to review my archive. As a photographer, it allows me to take stock of what I've accomplished, what I still need to do, and where I might be going. Personally, it allows me to review and reflect on all of the things that have happened over the past year. Here are some of my favorite photographs from 2015. Happy New Year and best wishing in 2016! 

Flooded Railroad, Kingstree, SC; October 2015

Red Chairs, King Street, North Central, Charleston; September 2015

Eastside, Charleston; October 2015

Bathroom, Sylva, NC; August 2015

Unity, Arthur Ravenel Jr. Bridge, Charleston; June 2015

Crown Heights, Brooklyn; June 2015

Gadsden Creek, Westside, Charleston; April 2015

Yellow Line, DC Metro Rail; May 2015

Race St, Westside, Charleston; September 2015

King St, North Central, Charleston; September 2015

'Downtown' Hartford, TN; March 2015

Bonfire, Sullivan's Island, SC; October 2015

Sweetgrass Morning, Little Edisto Island, SC; February 2015

Interstate 26, NC; March 2015

Pan-African Highway, Tanzania; Nov 2015

SC Highway 130; October 2015

Stone Town, Zanzibar; November 2015

Mbeya Hotel, Mbeya City, Tanzania; November 2015

Flooded, Florence, SC; October 2015

Driveway, Sweetgrass, Little Edisto Island, SC; February 2015

Sailing Blue Magic, Charleston Harbor; May 2015

Upper King Street, Charleston; February 2015

Stone Town, Zanzibar; November 2015

Devil's Courthouse View, Blue Ridge Parkway, NC; August 2015